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De Luxe Photo Booth from Photo Booth Experts

Easy to use Photo Booth

After 2 years of research we at the Photo Booth Experts have designed our photo booths so that our clients can get the most out of their experience. Many photo booth designs came our way and after looking at the pros and cons of each one we decided to design our own custom photo booth that we now offer you.

For instance, knowing that there is more fun and strength in numbers our photo booths fit up to 7-8 people comfortably. In addition, your guests will enjoy complete privacy while they are in the photo booth.

Not only does our De Luxe photo booth model offer these features but there is much more...

De Luxe Photo Booth Model options

  • 5' wide 8' long 7' tall group friendly Photo Booth
  • Handicap accessible
  • Original easy to use software with ability to customize the screens design
  • High speed (10 seconds per print), high quality photo lab printer
  • Elegant look with pleated flame retardant drapery
  • Review and Retake pictures option
  • Ability to apply custom decorations
  • High resolution camera (8MP-12MP)
  • Ability to Reprint original photo strips
  • Complete Privacy during the picture taking session
  • Ability to apply custom logo on the photo strip
  • Choices of photo strip size
  • Photos print right inside the Photo Booth
  • Ability to build custom Photo Booth on demand including: booth size, drapery color, custom software flow, custom decorations and custom photo strip design.
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Exclusive handy retake option with our Photo Booths

Ability Review and Retake pictures

A feature your guests will appreciate with your Photo Booth rental is the ďRetakeĒ option. Once the photos are taken your guests will immediately be able to retake their pictures if needed.

Why do a retake? Retakes are perfect for anyone who was not happy with or was embarrassed by their photos. Everyone will be given this convenient retake option.

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De Luxe Photo Booth is group friendly and handicap-accessible.

Photo Booth is group friendly and handicap-accessible

The size of the Photo Booth is perfect for any venue. Requiring just a 5 x 8 foot area the Photo Booth can be conveniently located anywhere. Also, with itís height of 7 feet it can accommodate even the tallest of guests. Our photo booths leave nobody out of the fun.

And because of our exclusive zoom in / zoom out feature you are guaranteed to capture everyone in every image. Your Photo Booth rental is suitable for all ages.
Whether young or young at heart our Photo Booths are suitable and fun for anyone.

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